Why Prism

The mission of Prism is to achieve the most socially significant outcomes for people with autism by identifying, treating and educating as early and intensively as possible and by focusing on the lifelong remediation of core deficits.

Prism Autism Centers (Prism) provide early intensive applied behavior analysis (ABA) services for young children with autism. Prism provides a cheerful and child-friendly setting where children, technicians, and families interact and support each other. Treatment that supports children’s verbal and non-verbal communication, social-emotional relationships and behavioral challenges is unique to each child and family. Through comprehensive oversight and evaluation of individual programs, Prism can achieve its mission of ensuring that each child reaches their full potential at home and successfully accesses community services.

We treat the individual.
Challenges are unique,
but treatable.

Treatment is unique to each child and family. Comprehensive assessment provides the framework for an intensive, individualized course of treatment that addresses not only developmental gaps, but the child’s unique history and skills. We develop treatment that addresses the core symptoms of autism to support children’s verbal and non-verbal communication, social-emotional relationships, and behavioral challenges.

At Prism we know many children with autism have co-occurring conditions. Some of these conditions may respond to behavioral interventions and may be directly related to autism (e.g. problematic sleeping patterns, lack of safety awareness, anxiety, compulsions, aggression, destruction, and uncooperative behavior). In most circumstances, these goals will be included in your child’s treatment plan to ensure meaningful outcomes for your family. Our goal is to foster everyday experiences such as a successful trip to the grocery store or doctor’s office, a peaceful family meal, or a joyful birthday party.
For all co-occurring conditions, Prism’s clinicians collaborate closely with all providers involved in your child’s care to ensure their safety as well as the most effective treatment possible.

We support families.
The best outcomes are achieved through collaborative partnerships.

Prism team members are approachable, responsive, and collaborative. We are committed to developing warm and trusting relationships with our families because we know that consistency, communication and collaboration are keys to your child’s success.

Our team supports every step of your journey from navigating insurance coverage, to identifying and planning treatment priorities, detailed updates and reporting, partnering with your child’s other providers such as speech and occupational therapy, providing weekly parent coaching, preparing your child to successfully access community services and supporting school transitions.

We are passionate. Our enthusiasm and dedication shines through in all we do.

Our team is energized by our science and the remarkable difference it makes in the lives of our clients and their families. We are excited by what we do and enjoy doing it. This passion leads to a warm, joyous, nurturing environment for your child to learn and grow. We work hard and celebrate accomplishments every step of the way. We meet you where you need us.

In addition to frequent professional development, we share our passion through strong partnerships with pediatricians, researchers, diagnosticians, other ABA professionals and universities locally and on a national level. We thrive and our learners benefit because we stay current with latest autism research and best practices within applied behavior analysis.

In turn we are committed to disseminating information about early diagnosis and the efficacy of early intensive behavioral interventions to parents, local pediatricians, and other community partners in hopes that more children get the services they need as quickly as possible.

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