Sara Hafeez

Human Resources Coordinator


Sara is a dedicated HR professional with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a concentration in Autism Spectrum Disorder from the University of Saint Joseph and is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Human Resource Management from the University of Southern California, set to graduate in May 2023. Sara started her career as a Behavior Technician and quickly rose to the role of Medical Administrative Assistant due to her strong work ethic. Her potential was recognized, and she transitioned into a business role to continue her journey in the field of HR. Sara works closely with the leadership team and has taken initiatives such as the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee to create an inclusive workplace. She is committed to professional growth and looks forward to contributing to the success of the organization for years to come.

What brings Sara joy?

In her free time, Sara enjoys exploring new trails, painting, writing, doing henna, decorating and creating a cozy environment.

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