Prism Academy

Supporting your child’s independence through specialized and highly individualized education.

As an Approved Private Special Education Program, Prism Academy’s mission is to provide the highest quality educational services to students with Autism Spectrum Disorders and related disabilities ages 3-14. This mission is accomplished by creating learning environments that support independence in critical domains including: Academics, Communication, Social and Emotional Development, Adaptive Living, Play and Leisure, Health and Safety, and Vocational Skills.

Prism Academy utilizes evidence-based instructional practices (EBP) grounded in Applied Behavior Analysis, and data-based decision making to respond to student learning needs and barriers including, but not limited to:

  • Direct and explicit instruction
  • Shaping and chaining,
  • Naturalistic and Incidental Teaching,
  • Generative Instruction
  • Fluency-based instruction

Prism Academy provides a reinforcing environment with activities that align with student interests and preferences.

The Difference

Prism Academy provides a reinforcing environment with activities that align with student interests and preferences, encourage student engagement, and set high expectations for achievement.
This is accomplished by continual performance improvement through an analysis of our teaching procedures, environmental arrangement, and behavioral supports that lead to optimal outcomes for our students and their families.

Instruction is highly individualized within a daily schedule that includes group activities and opportunities to engage with others across the school day. With a focus on application, flexibility and generalization of skills, students participate in both structured and naturalistic teaching experiences across environments within the school, and are supported by multiple, highly trained educators and support staff. Class sizes are small with 4-6 students in each classroom. Students enrolled at Prism Academy receive 1:1 adult support throughout the day for their learning needs.

About Academy Enrollment.

The Planning

Enrollment to Prism Academy can be initiated through the Planning and Placement Team process, an agreement through mediation, or parent referral. Prism Academy utilizes educational practices grounded in the science of human behavior (e.g., Applied Behavior Analysis, direct instruction, and precision teaching) in collaboration with related services as prescribed in the student’s IEP.

Considerations for admission include: Educational classification or medical diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, Educational programming recommendations that align with evidence-based practices utilized at Prism Academy, and match of student need with current student population and available spots. Prism Academy does not discriminate in placement decisions based on race, age, gender identity, religious affiliation of the student or caregivers.

Enrollment Procedures.

Referral – Tour

A referral from a Local Education Agency (LEA) includes a copy of the student’s IEP and relevant records and assessments.

Intake Packet

Parents complete an Intake Packet to Prism Academy, which includes relevant health and educational information.

Staff Review

Prism Academy staff will review the intake packet and, if it meets the criteria for enrollment and Prism Academy, will begin the intake process.

Intake Visit

An intake visit that includes the student, caregivers, and school staff as appropriate to observe the student in a classroom setting, review the structure of Prism Academy with the caregiver, and answer any questions about the enrollment process.

Student IEP

Prism Academy only accepts a student when we are confident that the IEP can and will be implemented fully upon enrollment in the program. Prior to the placement of a student by a local school district in the special education program, Prism Academy staff will attend a PPT meeting in person or via teleconferencing to develop, review, or modify the student’s IEP.


Prism Academy will enter into contractual agreements with the payor responsible for tuition prior to enrollment.

For more information regarding admissions or to send Referral Packets, please contact:

(860) 495-0126 x122


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